Shadowlands Livestream

Feb 27, 2021, 8:00pm

Garver Feed Mill, Madison WI

In Conjunction with Madison's Winter is Alive Festival

Shadowlands is a film created in real time by Aaron Granat and Thomas Ferrella with a live soundtrack by You Of All People [Ed Ahrens, Kevin Schaefer, Nick Orlowski, Thomas Ferrella, Steve Tyska, Phil Redman] will live stream free [ or ] Feb 27th 8pm from the Garver Feed Mill, Madison, Wisconsin. Granat uses archival video footage, shot by Ferrella over a 30 year period, as another instrument in this multi-media collective. This is their second film collaboration and comes after Mindstorm which was showcased in 2020 in a planetarium setting.

A Catalyst for Global Cooling:

This project is founded on an aesthetic engagement with natural phenomena. We hope to sensitize people to their surroundings and in particular to the changes that are occurring as a result of our arrogant land management practices. This film focuses on the use of road salt and the subsequent proliferation of Phragmites australis. A plant that is aggressively changing our wetland ecosystems.

Shadowlands will foster a healthier relationship between the viewer and their natural surroundings, which is so important in a time when the environment needs fierce advocates.

Shadowlands project funded by: Madison Arts Commission / Wisconsin Salt Wise

Partners: Garver Feed Mill, BlueStem Jazz, THE BRIDGE [Paris], Cinematheque, Audio For The Arts, Elastic Arts [Chicago]

45 minutes followed by Q&A

Watch the recorded event